ISLAMABAD: To introduce contract system in Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the government has decided to privatize its four sectors at first stage.
Credible sources told that privatization process of various sectors of CAA has started including human resources, finance department, facilitation and porter service. A committee in this regard, under the supervision of Director Human Resources Sumera Saeed has been constituted, which would review the matters of the privatization.
CAA authorities told Online that the object of privatization was to improve the performance of these departments adding that after privatization, educated, qualified and trained youths would be promoted.
Online was informed that employees of CAA expressed their grave concern on the privatization policy as there was fear of termination of their services.
The employees was of the view that after introduction of contract system in CAA, old employees would be terminated and new be recruited adding that object to privatize four department was to mere make money and to facilitate the blue-eyed.
The office-bearers of “Employees Unity” told that employees of CAA’s departments, which were being privatized, would be terminated on the basis of golden shake hand policy adding that employees who have completed the five years of service and aged to fifty years would be included in the category of golden shake hand policy’s beneficiaries.
“Such employees would be given between Rs. 2 to Rs.3 million at the time of termination”, they added and maintained that only blue-eyed persons of contractors would be recruited in the privatized departments of CAA.