ISLAMABAD: The government claim of producing more electricity and adding it into system was only a hollow slogan as it badly failed to meet the target.

According the documents got by “Online” through reliable sources only 1870mw electricity was added in the system right from 2013 to till date so far.

Ministry of Water and Power had claimed that 3365mw electricity had added in system through hydel, solar, wind thermal. It further stated that 1540mw electricity had added through thermal. It further claimed that 343.40mw through five project of hydro power.
Moreover, ministry added that 400mw added in system through four projects of solar energy.

However, according to the international standard the overall performance of solar power project was limited to 16 to 20 percent, so that presently they were producing to 70 to 80mw electricity. On the other hand Nandipur power project hadn’t producing electrify. The  Gaddu Thermal power project belong to PPP government.

The ministry had announced that it added 3365mw electricity in system but it had on 1870mw that actually added in system. The most the wind power projects had been completed from July 2013 to June 2014 and most of these projects was government initiated.