ISLAMABAD: Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has claimed that Sharif Brothers  and family are involved in Hudaibiya paper mills case.

While talking to media men on Wednesday Sheikh Rasheed said AML is the only petitioner in Hudaibiya Paper Mills case and we have been made a party.

 “I have received a notice in this regard and now I have come  straight right from London, Sheikh said.

He went on to say that Sharif brothers  and family are involved in Hudaibiya case.
I would say to court that it should ask NAB why can it not monitor the case as NAB had said it would reopen the case.

On the other hand, petition against NAB filed by Sheikh Rasheed in the apex court has been fixed for hearing  and five members larger bench will take up the case for hearing.

The petitioner took the plea in the petition that NAB assured Supreme Court for filing appeal against  Hudaibiya case decision and now Chairman NAB is not filing any appeal.

The petitioner prayed to court that it should order NAB for filing appeal against Hudaibiya paper mills judgment besides launching contempt of court proceedings against Chairman NAB and prosecutor.