ISLAMABAD: Following the abolition of condition of educational degree for election, a new electoral legislation has been enacted to maintain the sanctity of religious certificates.

Tough laws have also been passed to keep check on illegal use of the religious seminaries degrees.

Under these laws, a candidate should possess the 16 years education from seminary and 20 year teaching experience certificate duly attested by HEC.

In addition to National Assembly and Senate, this law will also be applicable for elections of local governments.

New law aimed at ending the misuse of religious seminaries certificates.  In the country, several politicians contested the elections by obtaining false degrees from the religious seminaries and later declared ineligible.

Jamshed Dasti is the proof of such degree and later on he confessed the crime before Supreme Court. The case of PTI’s Sarwar Khan is under hearing in the court.

During Musharraf era, 40 members of Mutahidda Majlis e Amal (MMA) were holding such religious degrees.

In new electoral law religious scholars have been put on high esteem.