LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's has said that he will never forget the love he has received in his four day trip from Islamabad to Lahore and promises to bring forth his new programme on August 14.

Speaking to a large gathering of PML-N loyalists amassed at Data Darbar, former prime minister said that he has come to Lahore after four days on the road and whereever he went, he saw people protesting his disqualification.

"People made me a prime minister and five people — five people — disqualified me," the deposed prime minister roared.

He said that nobody has accepted this verdict.

'I will not sit in peace and accept it, and neither will you. Do you promise me?' he asked.

He said that he's never deceived his people and despite everything against the government, he and his government delivered on their promises.

"There's no social, judicial, political or economic justice. We will bring a system that will give justice to whoever has been wronged. We will dispense justice in 90 days," he thundered.

"We will need to make new rules. We will need to change the Constitution. But we will change the system," he promised.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's caravan arrived in Lahore from Gujranwala late on Saturday, the fourth and last day of his rally, which had set off from Islamabad on August 9.