ISLAMABAD: One of the first things Nicola McWilliams does every morning is reach into her American-style fridge.
But rather than getting the milk for her first coffee, she removes her Elemis eye gel and face serum, all ready to apply in her bathroom.
'I've been keeping my face creams in the fridge for the past year,' she says. 'I think it keeps them in good condition and the cool sensation wakes me up first thing.'
Rather than being a bit of an oddity or overly precious about her possessions, Nicola, 46, who owns her own company and lives in Essex with her partner, is at the forefront of a nationwide trend for keeping our beauty products in the fridge.
Last week, it was reported that the uber-wealthy are asking for cosmetics fridges to be incorporated into their homes, either in the kitchen or the bathroom.
At the new development Rathbone Square, in Fitzrovia, central London, the penthouse suites starting at £4.475 million have a small cosmetic fridge hidden beneath a storage unit.
You can buy a reasonably priced mini cosmetics fridge from Odacite (£98.19, For an even cheaper alternative, Argos has a mini fridge at £29.99.
A recent report from Samsung and the online retailer discovered that three million British women keep their make-up in the fridge.
A cosmetics fridge from Odacite costs £98.19
So have we nothing better to do than mollycoddle our beauty products?