ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who is facing corruption charges sold 98 national entities to his business friends at a very cheap rates.

It was revealed in JIT report that Nawaz Sharif minted money through commission from bargaining. It said the Sharif family had Rs 25 crore before coming into power but when the Nawaz government was dislodged in 1993 on the charges of corruption, he had assets worth Rs 235 crore. During a period of two year, Nawaz Sharfi sold out 98 national institutions at a cost of Rs 60 billion, it said, adding the actual cost of these institutions was in billions of rupees.

JIT report further revealed that assets of Sharif family increased abnormally in 1992 while the source of income was same and there was no change in it. JIT recommended to forward a reference to NAB for making assets other than income.
Nawaz Sharif sold institutions to Mian Mansha, Tariq Sehgal, contractor Ashraf Baloch and Haji Safiullah on low costs, it revealed. Al-Ghazi Tractor was sold at a cost of Rs 106 million and huge commission was received on it. National motors was sold at Rs 15 crore, Millat tractor Rs 31 crore, Balochistan Wheels, Rs 27 crore,  Pak Suzuki Rs 172 million, Naya Daur  motors Rs 22 million, Bolan casting Rs 69 million, Mepal Leaf cement Rs486 million to Mian Mansha, said the report.

White cement Pak cement was sold at the cost of Rs 189 million to business partner Mian Jehangir. DG Khan cement to Tariq Sehgal at Rs 2 billion. Gharebwal cement to Haji Saifullah at Rs 84 crore. Zeal Pak cement was sold to Sardar AshrafBalcoh at Rs 24 crore, Dandot Additional cement, Rs 11 crore to EMG Group, Associate cement Rs 26 crore, Thatha cement to Al-Abbas group at Rs 80 crore, National fiber was also sold to Shan Group at Rs 76 crore, Pak PVC at Rs 64 million to Riaz Resham, Sindh Alkas anti biotic Rs 24 million, Ravi Engineering Rs 5 million to Peterson company.

The JIT report said that Nowshehra cement was sold at Rs 21 million to Mehboob Manji. Pateez steel company to M Usman & company at Rs 4 million, Metropolitan steel at Rs 67 million to Ashraf Balcoh. Pakistan switch gear at Rs 9 million to EMG Quality steel, Marketing Engineering at 13 million, Pak China Fertilizer at Rs 44 crore to Shan group.

During the era of Nawaz Sharif fifteen ghee mills were sold to business partners. Fazal ghee was sold at Rs 21 million to Muhammad Shah & co, Associate industry Mehboob Abu Rab Fasal Rehman Mill at Rs 66 million to Million Rose Ghee co, KakaKhel industry was sold at Rs 59 million to Mehboob co, United industries at Rs 16 million to Akbar Mungo, Haripur vegetable Rs 30 million.