NEW DELHI: Former Pakistani Captain Shoaib Malik is facing severe criticism from fans around the world on Saturday when he chose Mohammed Shami as the best bowler in the indian team and then clarified that he didn’t choose Shami because he is a Muslim, Indian media reported on Sunday.

A fan named Baquer Ali asked Shoaib Malik “#AskShoaib who is the best bowler in India.?” on which Shoaib Malik’s reply put everyone in shock. Malik answered, “The best bowler in Indian team is Mohammed Shami, not because he is a Muslim guy but i have seen his bowling and played against him also. I think for me I find it tough.”

This unnecessary mention of Shami’s religion sparked a Twitter backlash. Fans are accusing him for bringing religion in Cricket. Shoaib Malik could’ve easily justified his claims with cricketing facts. But his immature answer has gotten him into a lot of trouble.

Pakistan is going to begin their Champions Trophy mission from June 4, in a match against their arch rivals India. Shoaib Malik is going to play his sixth Champions Trophy, the most by any Pakistani.