ISLAMABAD: Islam is a complete code of life. It is for its believer’s own betterment and happiness. These days science is also approving the various methods prescribed by Islam and it agrees that Islamic rituals have health benefits.

While offering Takbir, we move hand and shoulder muscles thereby increasing the flow of blood towards upper body.

Where we touch the ground with our forehead. This posture increases fresh supply of blood to our brain.

In tashah’hud position, our hip, elbow, knee joints, backbone, wrist joints move in a way that it provides a form of relaxation to our entire body. Pressure is applied on the body parts as if it was a kind of massage which releases tension. Furthermore, this position assists in speedy digestion, aids the detoxification of the liver and stimulates peristaltic action in the small intestine.

Low Cholesterol
A team of cardiologists in the UAE found that people observing Ramadan enjoy a positive effect on their lipid profile, which means there is a reduction of cholesterol in the blood.

By not eating or drinking throughout the day your body will be offered the rare chance to detoxify your digestive system throughout the month.

Absorb More Nutrients
By not eating throughout the day during Ramadan you’ll find that your metabolism becomes more efficient, meaning the amount of nutrients you absorb from food improves. This is because of an increase in a hormone called adiponectin, which is produced by a combination of fasting and eating late at night, and allows your muscles to absorb more nutrients.

Consists of washing face and fore-arms, and wiping head and feet. Wudu by itself is always a recommendable act in Islamic rituals, but it becomes obligatory in certain circumstances. One of such circumstances is before daily five time’s ritual Salah. Apart from hygiene, wudu have positive effect on circulatory system and removes excess static charge from body.

Miswak strengthens the gums and prevents tooth decay Miswak assists in eliminating toothaches and prevents further decay which has already set in. Miswak eliminates bad breath.