ISLAMABAD: Federal government has once again failed to achieve the financial targets. The GDP remained at 5.28 percent against the target of 5.7 percent in the current fiscal year 2016-17.

The fiscal deficit of the country remained at 3.7 percent in first three quarters of the year.

The country observed rate of inflation in 2016-17 was 4.1 percent , but from July 2016 to March 2017 it increased with the rate of 6.2 percent.

In the first nine months of the current fiscal year the rate of revenue  was Rs 3145 billion, whereas it had been Rs 2962 billion in the relevant month of last fiscal year.

The growth rate  in the agriculture sector was 3.46 percent , whereas the government had fixed the target of 3.5 percent. The growth in important crops cultivation crossed its fixed targets as it remained on 4.1 percent against the target of 2.1 percent
The manufacturing sector stood at 5.3 , whereas it was estimated that it would grow with the pace of 6.1 percent.  The large scale manufacturing stayed at 4.9 percent , but the government had fixed its growth rate at 5.9 percent..

The services sector also showed good performance during the 2016-17 as it also crossed the fixed target of 5.7 percent . The growth in the sector was 6 percent    
 In the ongoing financial year, the  aim of exports was fixed at 24.80 billion USD  , whereas it were actually 21.70 billion dollars . Similarly the  imports of the country were 45.70 billion dollars, whereas the target was 45.20 billion dollars .

Livestock sector saw the development at the rate of 3 percent instead of target of  4 percent.

The government had incurred the expenditure of Rs  4384 billion in the first nine months of the financial year and the expenditures stood  at Rs 3971 billion in the first three quarters of the last fiscal year . The governmental expenses touched the height of 10.5 percent as compared to last year.