ISLAMABAD: Planning Commission of Pakistan has failed to appoint the permanent Project Director (PD) of Vision 2025 Project. Online has learnt. The commission has given the look after charge of Pakistan’ destiny changer project to Rai Muhammad Nasir in last month , an economist who is already seeing the matters of two projects Macroeconomic and international Finance and Trade.

Vision 2025 project was announced in 2014 by Federal Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal and it states that Pakistan Vision 2025 is to awaken, co-ordinate and direct the people's expectations, efforts, and resources towards the key pillars that will enable the achievement of the development goals. The objectives of Pakistan vision 2025 are political stability and continuity of policies, Peace and Security, Rule of law and Social security.   

It also set the target of country export, import, and moves forward the country to technology and digital era however, the leadership of planning commission has not yet works on these goals and objectives.
One official said that Ministry has failed to appoint permanent officer for this important project, incumbent chief economist Nadeem ul Haq, Dr Asif Chisti and one other officer has given the charge of vision 2025 PD in various times but they failed to contribute any solid input in this project.

Interestingly, former PD Dr Aisf Chisti left the project without telling anyone, in addition to this, he had taken 4 month salary and ministry has written a letter to officer to return back the money. Official said.

It is worth mentioning here that Ministry has also failed to appoint the PD of 52 billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor project, the previous PD Zahir Shah was retire in last year and ministry could not appoint the new person for this important job.