ISLAMABAD: A remarkable increase in the consumption of petroleum products has been noticed across the country due to clear difference in demand and supply of gas .

Sources said that  consumption of petroleum products has  registered 5.2 percent increase  in the country this year as compared to last year.

It has increased from 22.6 million tons in 2015 to 23.7 million tons in 2016.

According to OGRA state of industry report 2015-16, a record increase of 22 percent  in  consumption of  petrol has been recorded , 4.5 pc in high speed diesel, and 8.5pc in jet fuel while in kerosene oil consumption has been reduced to 8.9 pc, 2.7 pc in France oil and 44.1 pc in light diesel oil.

22pc increase in petroleum products  consumption has occurred  due to its low price in local market. Report said.