LAHORE: The  actress Veena Malik has obtained Khula  from her husband Asad Khattak.

Sources said that Veena Malik had filed a khula case  in a family court  headed by Judge Muhammad Qaisar Jamil Gujar  Lahore on January 6, 2017, and court has given ex-parte decree  on non-pursuance of the case by her husband Asad. Veena will have  to return 25% of 25000 dirham she had received from Asad Khattak as Mahr’ .

Veena had got married to  Asad on December 23, 2013 in Dubai and has two kids, one son and one daughter. She had started her career as actress in 2000 with making debut  in a film, “Teray Pyar May”.

Veena in her comments on divorce said that, “Sorry, I can’t talk on this matter at the moment, I hope you can understand the sensitivity of the situation”.

On the other hand, Asad Khattak said that Veena is his  wife and he loves  her, She is a good mother, a good wife and a good friend. When we will reach reconciliation, then court will give decree in our favour. Marriage will stay”, he held.

“Veena if you are angry with me then I apologize to you . If  I have hurt you  I extend  apology to you. The elders will strike  reconciliation among us”, he added. .