ISLAMABAD: Oranges with astonishing health benefits as the ‘powerfood’ have a wealth of nutrients including Vitamin A precursors, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and pectin filled by nature. Although, the fruit also widely known as the largest citrus crop and third favourite flavour around the world after chocolate and vanilla.

Rich citrus limonoids in oranges help to fight a number of kinds of cancer including skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon.

Soluble fiber plays significant role to reduce body cholesterol.

Vitamin C empowers cells by neutralizing free radicals which mainly causes chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.
The abundance of polyphenols in oranges protects against viral infections significantly take rise during winter season.

Dietary fiber of oranges induces digestive juices to finish constipation.
Oranges are filled with beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, which blocks cell damages besides protecting skin from free radicals and the age signs.

Oranges have a glycemic index of 40 which means a low quantity of sugars. Anything under 55 is considered low. So,  they won’t spike your blood sugar and cause problems with insulin or weight gain if you eat the fruit with some breaks.

The fruit helps to maintain blood pressure via magnesium while its flavonoid hesperidin regulates high blood pressure.

Presence of potassium helps heart’s functioning smooth.

Patients of kidney diseases could reduce the risk of kidney stones by regularly drinking orange juices but in moderate amounts. Note: Tooth decay can be caused due to the high sugar content of fruit juices and the high acid content can wear away enamel if consumed in excess.