ISLAMABAD: Awami Muslim Leauge (AML)  Chief  Sheikh Rasheed has said in Supreme Court (SC) that Nawaz Sharif is directly involved in Panama case.

He said this while arguing in Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday during the course of hearing of  Panama case.

He said that Panama leaks case was case of 200 million people. Qatari prince is rescue 1122 for Nawaz Sharif  and is man of the match , he added. . He termed Qatari prince  letter a tissue paper and it has been  filed without affidavit. It is based on heresay. Qatari prince letter is a novel of , Razia Butt,.

The people sitting in the court burst into laughter when Sheikh Rashid said Qatari prince letter was like Razia Butt novel.

The court expressed annoyance over it remarking the matters be run seriously.