ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali has taken Suo Motu notice of non performance of functions by Election Commission of Pakistan.

According to press release issued by the apex court here on Wednesday, the notice was taken on press clippings of different news papers containing the details that after completion of the term of members of the Election Commission of Pakistan, the Commission is unable to perform the duties assigned to it under the Constitution and the electoral laws.

Consequently, various election processes, including holding of elections for the vacant seats in the National and Provincial Assemblies, Local Government elections, issuance of notification of returned candidates and various other processes are not being completed, and the timelines provided there for are not being followed in accordance with Constitution and the law.

Taking notice of the issue, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan has directed the office to fix the matter in Court for14.07.2016 with notice to Attorney General for Pakistan, alongwith other identical matters.