ISLAMABAD: Owing to increase  in demand for electricity in the backdrop of  blistering hot weather in different parts of country, shortfall of power has reached  5,000 mega watts.

Sources said with  rise in temperature, power demand has reached  21, 200 mega watt while total production of electricity is 16,548 mega watts.

Water and power ministry  claimed that power production has reached  17,120 mega watt against 16, 866 mega watts in the previous year.

“Electricity requirement is 17,000 mega watts and shortfall of power was less than 900 mega watt.” he said

Minister for water and power Khawaja Asif  claimed that there is no unannounced load shedding being observed  anywhere in the country. However, he requested consumers not to use  their air conditions during Sehar and Iftaar timings so that smooth supply of electricity could be ensured.