NEW YORK: Brooklyn Federal Court of New York on Wednesday began the trial of a Pakistani from South Beach accused of slathering lotion on a sleeping female passenger's private parts on an international flight.

According to reports accused Qureshi, 43, rubbed lotion on sleeping women’s body before she woke up during an Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai to New York on Oct. 26

Accused Nadeem Qureshi confessed before the Jury he put the lotion on the woman because he thought she needed it, and claimed she liked it because she did not resist.

A non-citizen (Qureshi), who lives in Staten Island, could be de ported after 15 year prison if proven guilty.

It is worth mentioning here that the passenger had fallen asleep an hour into the flight after taking her anti-anxiety medication. When she woke up a few hours later, according to the complaint, she alerted the crew that she had been violated.