ISLAMABAD: The main symptom of a weak eyesight or a sign that you need glasses I blurry vision. But there are some other warning signs which can help you wear glasses at time and prevent the sight from getting weaker.

If the headache is right behind your eyes the cause can be farsightedness or astigmatism i.e. when objects look blurry at certain angles due to the cornea’s shape. Both problems are solved through glasses.

When you can’t properly focus light into your retina, the light becomes blurred or scattered. Which makes you see bright circles appear around lights of several shapes and sizes, from light bulbs or car headlights.

Sleepiness when you work on computer
When you focus on detailed worked i.e. when you read or work on computer your eye muscles work harder. If you need glasses, those muscles will work hardest to help you see clearly. This is not a natural thing for your eyes so they get tired and thus you feel sleepy.

You need more light to read
The normal light you were able to read in previously is not enough for you now it is a sign that you need glasses.

Position at which you hold book
The way you hold book can tell you a lot about your eyesight. If you have nearsightedness i.e. when you are unable to see things far away you bring the book 12 inches or less towards your face. Whereas if you have farsightedness you would have to hold the book at arm’s length.