AUCKLAND: Pakistan T-20 skipper Shahid Afridi was saved from embarrassment by a fan at a McDonald's restaurant situated inside Auckland airport on Monday.

Fan Waqas Naveed paid Afridi's bill when the star, after ordering his food, realised he was not carrying local currency to pay for his meal. "I did it just to welcome these guys [the Pakistan team]," Waqas told ONE News.

"Every Pakistani is a big cricket fan and it's great to see our local stars here in Auckland," he added. The Pakistani community around the world is famous for its hospitality.

Specially when the Pakistan cricket team travels to places like UK and Australia, Pakistani immigrant families have been active when it comes to inviting the team for food.

Afridi was recently embroiled in a tiff with the media trial after the mercurial all-rounder gave a dismissive reply to a television reporter before leaving for the New Zealand tour. The Pakistan T20 skipper received a much needed warm welcome as soon as he landed in New Zealand.

Shahid Afridi on Wednesday found himself in the middle of a storm by admonishing a local TV reporter during a press conference held in Lahore after his captaincy credentials were questioned.

Afridi’s response triggered a small protest by the media outside stadium, with reporters demanding an apology.

The 35-year-old has a record of being frank in his views, something which has led to him being sanctioned in the past.

Pakistan are scheduled to play three T20s and as many ODIs against the Kiwis, with
the tour set to kick off on January 15.