KHAIRPUR: At least 11 people were killed and many others were wounded in a deadly attack at a polling station in Ranipur town of Sindh province on Saturday.
According to reports, armed persons opened fire on a polling station in Wario Wahan area of Ranipur, resulting in the death of 11 people. Several people were also injured in the gun violence.
Many voters and polling staff had to escape to save their lives, private TV channel quoted a sources. Police teams reached the scene and initiated a probe into the firing incident.
In a second incident, six people were wounded following a clash between two rival groups in Jacobabad area.
Speaking to a private TV channel, PML-F leader Nusrat Sehr Abbasi condemned the deadly attack and blamed the ruling PPP for resorting to use of force.
It is noted that polling is under way in eight districts of Sindh province for the local government election.