KABUL: Taliban militnats seized Afghanistan's Darqad district, one of those hit by Monday's earthquake that killed at least 360 in Afghanistan and Pakistan, local officials say on Wednesday.
A police spokesman in Takhar province, which includes Darqad, confirmed it had fallen and said heavy fighting was continuing in two other districts.
Although the Taliban has said its fighters have been ordered to help victims, there are worries insecurity is hampering the relief effort.
The quake left at least 2,000 injured.
There has not been much damage or loss of life in Darqad itself after the magnitude-7.5 earthquake but many other areas near it have been destroyed.
There are worries the latest fighting will have an even more detrimental effect on any aid getting to the remote province, she adds.
Earlier on Wednesday, the Afghan authorities told the media that aid had started to trickle through to neighbouring Badakhshan province - the epicentre of the earthquake. 
The Afghan minister for disaster management said that tents and blankets had been distributed in some communities but there were still many others which had not yet been reached.