ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Wednesday approved Child Protection Bill, 2017 and The Juvenile Justice System Bill, 2017 with the consensus of all legislators.Federal Minister for Human Rights addressing in the National Assembly said that Kasur like incidents have made ashamed the entire nation. He said this bill help curb to halt reoccurring of such incidents in future.

He tabled The Juvenile Justice System Bill 2017 before the House, which was approved unanimously. Under the Bill, every victim child will get legal assistance on the expenses of the state.  The victim will be informed about legal rights within 24 hours while no one could be appointed Judge of the Juvenile court except Session Judge, additional Session Judge or Judicial Magistrate.

Arrested juvenile would be kept in the house while Police station incharge will inform the parents about him. A minimum sub-Inspector rank police under the supervision of officer SEPO will interrogate the juvenile accused while age of the juveniles would be determined from their birth certificates.