LOSS ANGELESS: Pakistan ambassador to US Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry has said Pakistan and US should continue to work together for peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.

He said this while expressing his views on Pakistan and US relations during his speech at University of California.

US-Pakistan relations span over 70 years which have witnessed ups and down too , he said adding whenever Pakistan and US worked together, both the countries benefited from it.  Therefore the two countries should keep on working together for peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region, he underlined.

Aizaz Chaudhry maintained that the US-Pakistan relations should not be held hostage to the situation in Afghanistan as “drifting away from each other would not be in the interest of either country”.

He held we want good relations with US. Peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan, he added. Thinking about a military solution will be a fallacy, he said  A political solution to Afghanistan issue is the best option, he stressed.