ISLAMABAD: International Oil companies working with the government companies under joint  venture  policy  are reluctant to get audit of their accounts and are not ready to share their accounts with the government , the source told online on Thursday.

It was duty of petroleum ministry to get the accounts of international  oil companies  working In oil and gas sector  with the Pakistani companies and provide these reports to auditor general of Pakistan officer for scrutiny but the officer sitting in the ministry concerned had not fulfilled their responsibilities.

According to government rules , the accounts report is sent to auditor general for audit on annual basis but the companies had not share their accounts with the constitutional  body of the state which is sheer violation of the laws of the land , the source privy to the development told.

International oil exploration and production companies like MOL is engaged with government owned OGDCL in Kirk district of KPL in exploring and producing oil and gas reserve for the last many years but its accounts had not been audited by the auditor general of pakisan .

Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has provided all its accounts to auditor general of Pakistan for audit but all other private oil companies working with it are not ready to share their accounts to auditor general of Pakistan which is grave violation of government rules .

The petroleum ministry is not agree to comment on this issue when its spokesman was contract for his comment on the issue.