ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan will issue the schedule for Senate elections on 10 February.

It is also learnt that preliminary paper work in this connection is being finalized.
The elections of Chairman a nd Deputy Chairman Senate would be held on 12th March this year. Meanwhile, constitutional experts say that under the constitution of 1973 and articles 224 and 59 ECP is bound to announce the schedule of Senate election that from 10 February to 12 February.

Meanwhile, the former Secretary of Election commission Kanwar Dishad  said that federal Minister and some government dignitaries are spreading rumours that Senate election will not be held on March 5. He said there is no ambiguity in this matter and some people want to earn cheap reputation. He said that Senate elections will be held on time.

He said that an impression is being created that elites want to stop the Senate elections to defame the National Security institutions. He said he says with full confidence that senate elections will be held on 5 March and on time.