ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Wednesday officially launched power consumer friendly net-metering framework.

Addressing the ceremony in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said we are at the threshold of providing cheap, efficient, reliable and sustainable electricity to consumers. Under the system, power consumers would be able to generate their own energy and sell the surplus to the national grid.  

He said today load-shedding is negligible in the country and whatever power outages we experience are because of local distribution issues or constraints of the system. He said the success has been achieved because of the policy of the Government to add more electricity through hydel, thermal, wind, solar and nuclear power plants. He said projects worth over ten thousand megawatts have either been completed or are nearing completion.

The Prime Minister said our challenge now is to make the system much more efficient and to reduce the cost of generation. He said net metering is part of the plan of the government to realize this objective.

The Prime Minister asked the Power Minister to focus on successful implementation of the scheme for the benefit of both the Government and the consumer.

Addressing the ceremony, Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Leghari said the net metering framework has been simplified. Now net metering connections can be gained in less than one month. He said the government has addressed the issue of quality of services and equipment so that the people could use the renewable energy for power generation. He said the net metering will also help the country in its strides towards addressing the issue of climate change.