ISLAMABAD: Pakistan post faced a deficit of Rs 20.485 billion during the last three years, revealed a report submitted to Prime Minister House.

The ministry has sent report to the Prime Minister about huge financial deficit during the last three years. It disclosed that programmes worth millions of rupees have been launched aimed at pulling out the Pakistan Post from financial losses.

The report said that although several measures have been adopted to bring improvement in financial matters of Pakistan Post but there is a constant fear of losing more millions of rupees of the nation. According to the report, the deficit was standing at Rs6.58 billion in 2013-14, which lowered in 2014-15 but increased in 2015-16 and touched new height of over Rs 7.48 billion.

Ministry of Finance has expressed grave concern over increasing deficit after this, a report was sought while Pakistan post provided fresh list of its sixteen steps to give legal cover to its deficit and maintain function of the institution.

On the other hand, the sources said that no legal action was taken against any top official or office-bearers for their involvement in corruption worth billions of rupees. As a result, no inquiry was conducted against the corrupt officials. Sources said that punishment was awarded to those officials who were involved in corruption on minor level. These low-scale employees’ services were terminated and cases were instituted against them.