ISLAMABAD: Sindh High Court (SHC) while approving request of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has allowed the Bureau to start enquiry against investments of Jehangir Siddiqui (JS) group for alleged corruption worth of two billion rupees. Two member bench of SHC under Justice Salah-ud-Din approving the plea has allowed anti graft body to start enquiry against JS group according to law.

The bench noted that NAB questions do not come under the ambit of that circle against which the court had earlier issued stay order.

JS investment opted a stance that they were cooperating with NAB so there is no need to present in person before the Bureau adding the plea of further investigation may please be rejected against the group.

NAB in its enquiry released that JS got benefit from the scandal as documents were demanded from JS but NAB did not cooperate so if enquiry did not allow it would hamper investigations of the scandal.

The court found that NAB did not find answers of many questions and NAB could not be stopped from investigations being an anti graft body.  “NAB while keeping in mind the directions of Supreme Court (SC) can carry on its working,” the bench noted.

Supreme Court while taking notice of Auditor General of Pakistan’s (AGP) report that disclosed two billion rupees investment between JS investment and NICL ordered NAB to start enquiry about the matter, 255.2 million rupees loss incurred to national exchequer by the investment.

On orders of SC, NAB started probing former chairman NICL, Ayaz Khan Niazi and JS investments but JS investment had taken stay order from SHC.

A bench of SHC under the then chief justice of Sindh High Court, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah while hearing the petition had barred NAB from issuing summons and carrying out investigations against JS investment without judicial consent and ordered NAB to take permission from the court before starting personal investigation from any representative, if necessary.

NAB found strong evidences against JS investments so it sought permission from SHC for further investigations against administration of JS investment.

It is pertinent to mention that an official of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had appeared before the court in connection with investigations started against JS on orders of SC and told that SECP, State bank and FIA investigated the matter but did not find any proof against the JS.   

Afterwards, Murad Ali Advocated filing petition in the court requesting to become party in the case informed the court that FIA had submitted fake report as real report disclosed finding of strong evidences against JS.

Over this situation, Chairman NAB has summoned record of that enquiry from FIA on directives of Supreme Court of Pakistan because former director Sindh of FIA, Shahid Hayat had close links with JS group and he had halted many enquiries against the group.