Meeting of Family members of only 7 out of 596 detainees at detention centers takes place

Dated: 2013-08-09

ISLAMABAD: Meeting of 7 out of 596 persons detained in detention centers has been arranged with their families so far during the last three months despite Supreme Court (SC) orders.

Applications in connection with meeting of 20 detained persons with their family members have been kept ready but possibility of any meeting stands ruled out during the 3 days of Eid due to lack of interest by the administration of detention centers.

As per FATA Regulations family members are allowed to meet the detained persons twice in a week and it is binding on the administration of the detention centers to provide essential commodities and medical facilities to the detainees.

The seven detained persons who were allowed to meet their relatives in detention center at Lakki Murawat are Yaqub, Ibrahim, Abdul Qayyum, Zakir Ullah and Fasih Ullah while the applications of 20 detained persons including Aziz Ahmad, Osama Wazir, Hafiz Tayyab, Jamshid Raza and others have been kept ready for arranging their meeting with their family members.

Talking to Online Thursday, chairperson of Defence Human Rights Amna Masud Janjua said that SC had assigned the responsibility to Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Tariq Khokhar to arrange the meeting of their relatives with the persons about whom it has been learnt that they are held in 7 detention centers including Lakki Murwat detention center. But DAG instead of discharging this responsibility had entrusted this duty to him, therefore, the persons detained in the detention centers are making contacts with her persistently.

SC had assigned the responsibility to Sessions judges, DPOs and political agents to work out schedule in collaboration with administration of detention centers but despite these orders not a single meeting has taken place so far.

Mother of Abdul Qayyum is on death bed and health condition of Fasih Ullah is not better. Children of Rana Muhammad Amir wanted to meet his father before Eid and they will not be able to do so due to lack of interest of administration of detention center.

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