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Legislation essential for vote casting facilities to OPs: ECP

Dated: 2013-03-05

ISLAMABAD: Director General (Elections) Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Syed Sher Afgan on Monday stated that legislation is required in order to provide vote casting facilities to overseas Pakistanis.

The DG ECP (Elections), while highlighting the operational troubles on providing vote casting facilities to overseas Pakistanis, he stated that it is a very complex process and needs legislation.

He stated that 1.5 million Pakistanis are living in Saudi Arabia and it would require setting up 400 to 500 polling stations across that country only and all this needs agreement with Saudi Arabia. He added that some 2500 poll supervisory staff would also be required alone in Saudi Arabia.

The DG ECP (Elections) Syed Sher Afgan said that the ECP don’t have any objection regarding vote casting of overseas Pakistanis, but proper legislation should be made in this regard.

While on the other side, the Supreme Court on Monday directed the Attorney General of Pakistan to discuss with government and law ministry about finalising legislation for voting procedure of overseas Pakistanis.

The SC also directed Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to make relevant efforts to ensure that overseas Pakistanis are made an integral part of the country’s electoral system through the implementation of voter registration procedures and the establishment of voting facilities at Pakistani overseas missions.

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