Abbas town tragedy: 16 deceased laid to rest

Dated: 2013-03-05

KARACHI: The funeral prayers 16 victims of Abbas town including two children were offered on Monday.

Funeral prayers of eight people were offered at Shahra-e-Pakistan area of Karachi.

A large number of people have participated in the prayers.

Later on, the deceased persons were later laid to rest in ‘Shuhda-e-Qabristan’ graveyard.

Meanwhile, funeral prayers of six other victims were offered at Ancholi area of Abul-Hassan Asfihani road. The bodies were later laid to rest in “Wadi-e-Hussain Qabristan” graveyard.

At Numaish Chorangi, funeral prayers of two others victims who died in Sunday blast were offered which was attended by hundreds of people.

The deceased were also laid to rest in “Wadi-e-Hussain Qabristan” graveyard.

Meanwhile the death toll was reached to 48 on Monday, medical officials said adding that over 200 people sustained injuries.

The huge car bomb blast in a mainly Shiite Muslim area of Karachi killed came amid a spate of sectarian violence that has come as the country prepares for elections.

The national flag is flying at half-mast at government buildings including the Sindh Assembly.

Traffic was thin on roads while educational institutions, businesses and markets remained close after the local government declared Monday a day of mourning.

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