FBR organizes training workshop to prevent cigarettes smuggling

Dated: 2013-03-05

Islamabad: A special training session for the officers was organized by Federal Board of Revenue to create awareness against the influx of smuggled cigarettes at Directorate of Training and Research here.

The event was supported by Pakistan Tobacco Company. The main aim of the training was to spread awareness on Illicit trade of cigarettes , its negative impact on country’s economy and ways and means to curb it.

The objective of the training was to equip the officers with better understanding of smuggled cigarette market, flooded with several foreign brands and to apprise them of tools and strategies to address this grave issue.

It has been observed that one of the main barriers to effective enforcement against smuggled cigarettes is lack of knowledge about such products and the workshop aimed at providing the relevant information to operational staff of FBR.

Around 25 FBR officers were trained on the existing regulatory regime against smuggled cigarettes. Such training workshops are expected to result in better and more effective enforcement against such illegal activities.

The participants of the workshop appreciated the activity and stressed the need for having such capacity building activities more frequently. The key role played by Directorate of Training in organizing such events through public-private collaboration was especially lauded.

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