Pakistan failed over implementing police reforms: ASIC

Dated: 2012-11-05

ISLAMABAD: Asian Society Independent Commission (ASIC) has declared Pakistanís failure to address its police reforms, over a massively sufficient period of 65 years.

In itís recent report, ASIC has held intense rampant nepotism, political pressures, corruptions, illegal appointments, illegal and ill-intentional postings, besides well conceived machinations of bureaucracy as responsible for any possible police reforms. Following this report, another one by Shaoib Suddal commission has also expounded these very factors, which while highlighting the problem in detail urges joint mechanism by both federal and provincial governments to tackle this sordid problem.

Lack of an effective and credible leadership in police cadres has always been an unfortunate hallmark of Pakistani police, ushering in nothing short of such discouraging factors as intense hate and suspicion of police among masses.

The report expressed the sheer pathetic lack of any advance technology/ apparatus available with police force to tackle crimes, which have become more advanced in recent times.

Transparency International has declared police as one of the most corrupt departments of Pakistan, while the issue is compounded by lack of human rights, horrid instances of misbehavior, torture practiced by force.

The report also notes with dismay that police order2002 (PO2002), an important and effective move towards reforms in police department, was never implemented in letter and spirit.

One of the reasons for failure of PO2002 has been the provision of the 3-year tenure at a single station for each SHO, and other district, sub- divisional, regional, district and provincial police officers., which has not been followed in practice.

Meanwhile provincial governments of Sindh and Balochistan have replaced PO2002 with the archaic police act, 1861; results of which were glaringly evident.

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